Florida’s Unique Shy Wolf Sanctuary

Did you ever think you could stand inside a wolf habit and pet a wolf? Well you can.

Naples Florida is home to a unique charity,The Shy Wolf Sanctuary. They rescue wolves that have been bred or purchased as pets and then abused or abandoned. The sanctuary is the only wolf sanctuary in the USA where you can actually interact with these beautiful wild animals. They are totally supported by donations and merchandise sales. The staff is made up completely of volunteers. Plan a trip while in south Florida for a real wildlife encounter.

If you buy a print of this image, I will donate all my profits to this wonderful organization.

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Petting a Wolf

Petting a Wolf

5 responses to “Florida’s Unique Shy Wolf Sanctuary

  1. How does one make a trip to this Sanctuary? I am a photographer who would like to share my experience’s on the Internet with photo’s?

    • You have to call them to arrange a visit. They are not a “zoo” so can’t offer tours but each day they have educational programs you can attend which includes a tour. You can use cameras but not phones or iPads, the wolves will steal those and hats. They will only allow certain people inside the enclosures and no children.

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