Provincetown MA 1983

We only visited P-Town once in 1983 when my wife was pregnant with our daughter. We ate at a bistro called Cafe Blasé where the waiter scolded my wife for having a beer which was probably one of the two that she had in nine months. He had the audacity to pat my wife’s pregnant belly while he scolded her. I held my temper but had joy in leaving no tip.

My wife needed to take a lot of naps back then since it was her 6th month of pregnancy and I went off to capture a few snapshots. Yesterday a Federal Judge applied the 14th Amendment and struck down Pennsylvania’s law prohibiting gay marriage. The judge did more than that though she supported the fact that in the USA you are ALLOWED to be different. It made me think of this picture.

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Provincetown MA 1983

Provincetown MA 1983

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