Not on My List!

I have a life list, well it might be written down somewhere but it certainly exists inside my head. I have done a number of things on it. I have traveled to a lot of places although I still have a lot of places I want to see. I have done some things that are kind of dangerous. I have snorkeled with giant sea turtles and barracuda. I have ridden on horseback through the mountains of Tennessee, Arizona and New Mexico. As a photographer I have walked the mean streets and worked in dangerous places like steel mills on cranes and nuclear power plants and with dangerous people like zombies. I am 69 and hopefully still get to cross a lot of other things off my list. This year I will publish my first novel DreamMap.

However, this is something I will never do and never wanted to do although I bet you can you can get great pictures from up there. No thanks Mr. Larue I am ready for my crane shot now.

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No on my List!

No on my List!

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