Hot Dog!

I love going to Pittsburgh Pirate games. I have loved the Bucs since the sixties and at one point had an apartment on Atwood street just two blocks from Forbes Field. On our return to Pittsburgh we promised ourselves we would go to some games and have been to a few this year with another coming up in a couple of weeks. The park is comfortable and with a great scenic view of Pittsburgh behind it. There is also an excellent selection of ballpark food and beer.

Although a major league park and now again a Pennant contender, PNC Park has the feel of a minor league ballpark as well. Between innings there is a wide variety of looniness that takes place. You may see the Perogie Race on TV but not much more. This is a picture of the Hot Dog shoot. Yup in Pittsburgh they shoot encased meats into the stands as well as t-shirts and the staff seems to love it.

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Hot Dog Shoot

Hot Dog Shoot

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