The Pittsburgh Strip District

When we first returned to Pittsburgh we were excited to visit Wholey’s in the Strip District. I had great memories of going there with my Dad on Saturday mornings. He knew a guy and we got these great strip steaks at a deep discount. We would pull up to the wholesale side and load a cooler with these excellent steaks. When we first went back last Spring we made the stupid mistake of going on a Friday afternoon at lunch time. We could barely get in to the store, the streets were filled with people and we fled in terror. Since we have learned to go Tuesday through Thursday between 9 and 11 A.M. The butcher shop and seafood store are clearly the best around.

We have also discovered the Ohio River Pasta Company, Lotus Asian Market and at least two wonderful produce markets. Next trip we check out the sausage guy in the Italian deli. All though we have been down there a few times, it wasn’t until the last trip that I discovered this beautiful mural.

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Pittsburgh Strip District

Pittsburgh Strip District

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