Neighbors that Rock

In our life we have had some good luck with creative neighbors. In Montclair we lived next door to Janet Aldrich who was a musical comedy actress with a great voice. She actually borrowed our dog for a one month run in Anything Goes. Janet Shaw lived across the street. She was a set designer for many Woody Allen movies and when we knew her she worked on The Sopranos.

When we moved back to Pittsburgh we were excited to meet our new neighbors. We recently discovered that our neighbor across the street, Matt Aquiline was not only a musician but also a songwriter. I have always been fascinated by song writers. As a novelist I have enough problems just writing words let alone music to go with the words. To me music is a separate language and writing a song is like writing a poem in two different languages at the same time! We found out that he was performing at The Hard Rock Pittsburgh last night with his longtime singing partner Belen Pifel. It was a wonderful concert. His songs are filled with wit and passion and the harmonies were terrific. I have posted a couple of snaps from the show.

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Belen Pifel  and Matt Aquiline

Belen Pifel and Matt Aquiline

At The Hard Rock

At The Hard Rock

Matt and Company

Matt and Company

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