Happy Martin Luther King Day

The way I create posts for this blog is to first find an image and then write something about it. It is after all an image blog first and foremost. So I went searching for a suitable image for Martin Luther King. When he was assassinated I was living in Los Angeles and the murder occurred four days before my 23rd birthday. Three months later on June 5th, I went to a hotel in L.A. to stand with thousands of others in shock over the murder of Robert F. Kennedy. So I began to look for images that would represent Dr. King’s day.

Of course I have pictures of flags but I have used those for other holidays and although Dr. King was a true American hero, he was much more than the flag. I have other images of African Americans and although Dr. King was an African American he was also more than that. As I thought about it, I thought this was a great image to celebrate his day. He is like an eternal flame of hope. He reminds us that as long as you have hope and show respect for humanity that your life is worth living. He is a symbol of working together and doing the right thing. Thanks Dr. King for your sacrifice.


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