Pittsburgh–Mon View

I have been going through images I have uploaded to my blog but not published. Some I look at and have no idea why I never published them. This one I understand though, it is not taken from a Disney Photo Spot. If you have every been to any disney park, you know there are certain places with a Kodak sign identifying the perfect place to take a picture of Cinderella’s castle or Space Mountain. That way everybody’s photo book looks identical except for the grinning people blocking the view.

Pittsburgh has a couple of these. One is from the riverwalk along the North Shore of the Allegheny and the other is from the top of Mount Washington showing the confluence of the three rivers. This one was rejected because it is the dirty old Monongahela River. Except the steel mills are gone, the river has been cleaned up and people actually fish in it now. Sure there are still the barges and the trains running beside it. It is not the money shot but all and all not a bad view of our fair city.

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Mon View

Mon View

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