A Curator with a Sense of Humor

I am sure museum curators view themselves as special people and they should. They have to be extremely knowledgeable about a subject and love the minute details. They have to make difficult judgements which may impact people that are largely emotional and probably sometimes complete assholes. (artists) In addition they have to live the rest of their lives, raise families, go shopping and deal with mundane physical society in the same way that common folk do. I can see where this could dramatically impact a persons psyche and they could take themselves far too seriously.

Then there is the person that is the curator for the hall of architecture at the Carnegie Museum. This person is obviously a real human being with a sense of humor. I saw this and laughed and realized there is at least one curator in the world with a sense of humor. Thank you whoever you are.

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Curator with Sense of Humor

Curator with Sense of Humor

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