Castle Ruins

Heidelberg Castle is a essentially a ruin in the Rhineland section of Germany. It sits on top of a hill overlooking the town of Heidelberg and dates back to 1214. In 1294 a second castle structure was joined to the first. However in 1537 a lightning bolt destroyed part of the castle and later in 1764 the rebuilt section of the castle was also destroyed by lightning.

For years it was discussed if the castle should be restored or destroyed. After the completion of a rail link, more and more people began to arrive in Heidelberg as visitors. Mark Twain, the American author, described the Heidelberg Castle in his 1880 travel book A Tramp Abroad and is sometimes credited with an explosion of American tourists. Since that time the castle has been maintained as a ruin and is one of the most popular tourist attraction sin Germany.

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Heidelberg Ruins

Heidelberg Ruins

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