Marksburg Castle

Last month I published a post about Marksburg Castle. This post contains some more detailed information and additional images of this UNESCO World Heritage Site

Along the Rhine River is a stretch known as the Rhine Gorge which is a UNESCO world heritage site. Forty castles line both sides of this section of the river. Marksburg is the only castle that was never destroyed and sits above the town of Braubach. The fortress was used for protection rather than a residence for royal families.

Originally it was stone keep was built at the current location in 1100 by the Eppstein family and expanded into a castle around 1117 to protect the town of Braubach. When French emperor Napoleon seized the Holy Roman Empire in 1803 he gave the Marksburg to his ally the Duke of Nassau for his service. He used the castle as a prison and as a home for disabled soldiers. The castle has one of the first known indoor privies.

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Marksburg Southern View

Marksburg Southern View

Marksburg Dinning Room

Marksburg Dinning Room

Marksburg Privy

Marksburg Privy

Braubach View

Braubach View


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