Welcoming 2017

Social media is on fire with what a fucked up year 2016 was. We are coming to grips with the fact that not only has Facebook become the new obituary page of the cyber newspaper but that any time some one dies hundreds of people feel a need to eulogize. It seems like thousands of people died this year from Bowie to Debbie Reynolds, each week brings a new shock of loss.

Not only that but we elected a fascist as President and hate and racism seem to be driving society all over the world. Great Britain left Europe and the USA seems to want to join Russia and Korea as the new axis of evil. Yes 2016 was fucked but how did it treat your personally?

Not a bad year for us. We settled in to our new home in Pittsburgh and our daughter bought her first house outside Chicago. We made new friends and got reacquainted with old friends. We spent a month at the beach and a another month touring Europe and thank God we have our health. In any case I am sure 2017 will also be full of surprises. May you all stay healthy and happy and join me in a toast, fuck off 2016, thank God for another chance.

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Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

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