Really Volkswagen? You have time for this?

I have thousands of products for sale on my commercial site. I have only received two complaints for copyright violation. The first came from the Jerry Garcia Family Trust a couple of years ago. We agreed that I could continue to sell prints, cards and posters of my concert images if I removed all the apparel products from my site. I understood their objection and I complied.

The second came today from Volkswagen. That’s right Volkswagen, the maker of German tanks for the Nazi’s. Yes, that Volkswagen. You know, the one that recently confessed to falsifying mileage data over the last ten years. My first new car was a VW Bug. I bought it in 1969 for $1969. It lasted ten years but I sold it when the bottom began to rust. That was before undercoating. We the bought a red VW Rabbit and after the third warrantied clutch replacement, traded it in. We have looked at VW’s since but dislike their rough ride and feel.

It wasn’t a special image but was one of the first animal pictures I ever took and quite frankly it is not that good. It has been on the site for ten years and has never garnered a sale. Now I understand why Red Bubble had to remove this image. I don’t fault them. I probably would have removed it in my next purge of products on my storefront. But really Volkswagen you have time for this?

To see other images and buy apparel or prints, please visit my commercial gallery.

Cat on a Hot Tin Roof

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