Pittsburgh Whiskey Snob

OK, I’ll admit it I am a Whiskey snob. Growing up in Pittsburgh in the 1960’s I knew nothing. It was a shot an a beer or boilermaker. I didn’t care what kind of beer or whiskey. As I matured and traveled I began to appreciate Kentucky Bourbon. Traveling the world I was educated in Single Malt Scotch and Irish Whiskey. In Japan I discovered Suntory.

Moving back to Pittsburgh I discovered my city had progressed from a shot and a beer. You still may order that but now it would be “Oh I’ll have a Goose Island IPA and a shot of Knob Creek Rye.”

The Butcher and The Rye has a wall of Whiskey with over 700 brands. The even have their own special batch of Knob Creek. We even have our own distillery with another one to open this year.

Recently I visited Las Vegas and went into a place called The Whiskey Bar. The service was fine and the food was good but the selection, meh. I was not impressed, kind of average by Pittsburgh standards. You be the judge.

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Whiskey Bar Las Vegas

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