Regent Square Theater

When we returned to Pittsburgh three years ago we were excited about our new neighborhood. It was great when we left in 1978 and since returning it continues to get better in every way. We were excited that the Regent Square Theater was still here.

We went to see a couple of films and walking up to the theater was fun but inside the theater had deteriorated. Then the theater closed for a while and the whole neighborhood was sad. It was closed for a long time and we thought its absence would change our area. Then to our joy we found out that they were finding funds to refurbish it.

Last night was our first night back to The the theater. We went to see The Mads from Mystery Science Theater 3000. The Pittsburgh Filmakers had promised live events and we had great fun watching a terrible movie with the Mads. We laughed like crazy and enjoyed the improved projection system and comfortable seats. Way to go Pittsburgh Filmmakers! Thanks for giving our neighborhood our Theather back.

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