The Memphis Trolleys

Memphis was a city I visited a few times for business but only came away with hours of work and memories of good barbecue. For the first time we spent a few days as tourists and we loved the small city. It has a unique culture, great music, and wonderful people. One of the big surprises was the streetcar system.

Coming from Pittsburgh gave us and appreciation and fond memories of streetcars. However, we had nothing like these wooden beauties. The Memphis Area Transit Authority trolley system began running in 1993. Although the trolleys enjoyed a 21-year run of shuffling locals and tourists through the heart of the city, they haven’t operated in Memphis since 2014, when service was suspended after fires broke out on two cars. They just returned to the city last year. Leave your car in the garage, the trolly is fun and inexpensive.

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Memphis Trolly

Memphis Trolly

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