Associated Artists of Pittsburgh Poll

In the 1970s I was a member of The Associated Artists of Pittsburgh. It is the oldest, continuously-exhibiting, visual arts organization in the country. Founded in 1910, AAP has spent over 100 years as a driving force in Pittsburgh’s dynamic cultural life.

I had been thinking about rejoining and when I called them they gave me a couple of choices. I could pay my back dues since I left (over $3000) or join again through the new member screening process. Guess which I chose. I am allowed to submit up to 5 pieces of work to the screening. I am having trouble picking the fifth piece so I am asking for your help in deciding.

Keep in mind my artists statement when choosing and kindly answer my poll.Thanks for your help!

My artistic vision however has always been to capture the perfect moment. Henri Cartier-Bresson states there is a decisive moment for each image. This is true for every image. Even a sunrise has that perfect moment. However in my opinion it is especially true for photojournalism. The moment before lips touch, right before the dog catches the Frisbee and right before the bat strikes the ball. The focus of my artistic photography is to catch a moment that would make Henri Cartier-Bresson nod in appreciation.

Number 1

Moment on a Bass String

Number 2

Stop The World

Number 3

Mother and Child

Number 4

Steel City Flyer

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