The Zappa Family Trust

Sometimes I get really pissed at the Zappa Family Trust. They forced me to remove my images from my commercial site. Of course they can’t force me to take down any images from here because I own the copyright and the images were taken legally and I am not charging for them. Please feel free to search this site and download all the images of Frank Zappa.

I really have no right to be pissed though. The same militant trust has stopped Dweezil Zappa, Frank Zappa’s own son from using the name Zappa Plays Zappa! I think they even sued to have him return his father’s guitars. I guess Zappa’s wife was a stone cold bitch.

To see other images and buy apparel or prints, please visit my commercial gallery.

Dweezil Zappa at the Beacon 2011

2 responses to “The Zappa Family Trust

  1. You are spit on in everything you say and YES, it all started with Gail Zappa a greedy capitalist. Now the mantle is passed to Ahmet and Diva two talentless slobs that have no other future.

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