Peter Frampton at The Benedum Center

I have been fortunate to see many great performances in my lifetime. I saw Jimmi Hendrix perform at The Whiskey in Los Angeles, the farewell concert of Buffalo Springfield and Little Feat perform in a 200 seat lecture hall where Lowell George proclaimed, …”you gotta get up before we get down!” However I had never seen Peter Frampton until last night.

In a Rolling Stone interview in February, Frampton, 68, said he had a degenerative muscle disease called inclusion body myositis, also known as I.B.M. The disease causes muscles to weaken over time but generally does not affect life expectancy. He announced what will probably be his last tour and I immediately bought tickets. The concert was of course sold out.

He has been busy recording a lot of new music while he still is able. So we will still have new Peter Frampton music for a few years. He released a new blues album and played some tunes from it last night in the first public performance. It was magnificent show which he ended with the George Harrison tune, “My Guitar.” He got tearful and refuse to say goodbye Pittsburgh, just good night.

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