An Aviary Moment

On November 11th along with former student and professional photographer Dale Schmitt we will open our two man show at the Percolate Gallery in Pittsburgh. The show is called Moments and Souls because Dale is known for his soulful portraits and I have been trying for decades to capture the decisive moment in photographs. If Dale is channeling Yousuf Karsh then I am trying to channel Henri Cartier-Bresson, Pete Davidson and Elliot Erwitt .

The difficult part for both of us is going through our work and choosing the twenty best examples of our work for the exhibition. Maybe after of the show we will publish a book of the winners and the out takes. I took this one at the National Aviary on Monday. It was shot through glass and isn’t good enough to exhibit but it is a moment that might make the book.

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An Aviary Moment

Happy Father’s Day

My father died at age 65, way too young. I still miss him and think of him but don’t have any really good pictures of him. My parents had already moved to Florida when I started to become a competent photographer. However, I have a million pictures of my daughter and thanks to my wife a few of me and my daughter.

My daughter just a few weeks after birth,