The Fastball

There are few things harder to do in professional sports than throw or hit a fastball. The ball is traveling over 90 miles an hour. It is also very difficult to photograph especially from the stands with a hand held camera. Professional photographers on the field are much closer and have tripods to steady the camera and even then it is not so easy.

This was taken from the stands at Fenway Park with a 300mm hand held lens at 3200 ISO. It was shot at f8 with a shutter speed of 1/300th of a second. It turned into a single by the Red Sox hitter.

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The Fastball

The High Heat!

How do you watch a baseball game? I watch the pitcher and try to follow the release to the hitter. I try to follow the pitcher’s motion and the ball. It is hard when the ball is traveling almost 100 miles per hour. As a result though, I have started to the analyze the pitchers form. Each one is different and you see different things if you stop motion and blur motion. Maybe there is a book in this? What did you learn for this picture? Let me know! You can buy a print of this image and see others on my commercial site by clicking here.

The High Heat

Chicago White Sox…Francisco Liriano

Big league pitchers are like Peacocks,each one is a little different. The camera gives you a unique point of view either by freezing the motion like in this shot or blurring motion. The camera sees what the eye can’t because the fastball is moving at about 90 miles an hour it is hard to appreciate the throwing motion. In this shot you can clearly see why Pitchers are on a pitch count. The torque exerted on the body is tremendous and the body requires a lot of healing time between games. This is Francisco Liriano of the Chicago White Sox showing his stuff. You can buy a print of this on my commercial gallery by clicking here.

Francisco Liriano Chicago White Sox Pitcher