Vines along the Rhine

As we left Holland and cruised down the Rhine River we would sit on our veranda or the sun deck and see grapes being harvested on the sunny bank of the river, sometimes to port and sometimes to starboard as the river gently turned. In the heart of Germany these vines produce the Riesling and Gewurztraminer wines that are famous in the region. We saw people hand harvesting the grapes the way they probably have for hundreds of years.

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Vines along the Rhine

Vines along the Rhine

Buck Season

Today is a holiday in many counties in Pennsylvania since it is the beginning of antlered deer season. Over 100,000 deer were “harvested” in Pennsylvania last year, yet the population continues to rise. I only hunt deer with a camera, but understand the need of hunting to control the herd. Still, they are beautiful animals to look at like this eight point buck from a few years ago. They are kind of smart since there is no hunting in our community so we see our deer population soar during hunting season only to spread out during the rest of the year. I don’t know how they understand to hide here. You can buy a print of this images and see others at my gallery by clicking here.

Eight Point Buck