Suddenly Everything Has Changed

This is another video from a few years ago set to the music of the Flaming Lips. Stay tuned for new images from Chicago!

Suddenly Everything Has Changed from Richard Burke on Vimeo.


Old Montréal

When we first traveled to Québec we bypassed Montréal because we thought all of the good old French culture would be in Québec city. The old city of Québec was not disappointing and we enjoyed our time their immensely except when we got attacked by killer black flies at the waterfalls. Then we went to Montréal to see the Jazz festival. We found out that we loved Montréal. It has the old city, history and architecture but it is also an upscale modern French city with trendy restaurants, beautiful gardens and an edge to it that we really liked. The Paris of Canada. This shot was taken in the old city and you can buy a print or see others at my commercial gallery.

Place De Armes Montreal

Place De Armes Montreal

Place de Armes Montréal

Montreal is unmistakably a French City in the Canadian Province of Québec. You may forget that because most people speak English and the city is very cosmopolitan. If you speak English they will speak English and if you speak French they may have some trouble understanding you since their dialect is different than the French that is taught in USA schools. Although we are closer to Québec, we teach French in the way it is spoken in France. This is something I have never completely comprehended. This is the beautiful Place de Armes as taken from the steps of Notre Dame Cathedral (yes there is also a Notre Dame in Montréal). You can buy a print of this image on my commercial gallery by clicking here.

Place De Armes Montreal

Horsing Around in Montreal

One of the best ways to see Montreal is to take a carriage ride. It is also the easiest way since Montreal is a city of hills and essentially built on a mountain. Each ride comes with unique point of view on the city offered by the driver of the carriage. You can buy a print of this image on my commercial site by clicking here.

Horse and Driver in Montreal

Old School Montréal

Québec has two major cities, Québec (City) and Montréal. When we first visited the provence of Québec, we went to Québec city because we wanted to see old French Canada. We then traveled to Montréal specifically to see the Jazz festival and we stayed in a modern high rise hotel. To our surprise, Montréal also has a wonderful old city which rivals Québec in history and European flavor. A good way to see the old city is to take a ride in a horse drawn carriage like these tourists. You can buy a print of this image on my commercial site by clicking here.

Horse and Driver in Montreal