For Susana

I am fortunate. I know a lot of very creative people and successful artists. I have even had the honor to help train some of them. There is one woman though who is really unique in that she is a successful commercial and fine artist and she is successful in multiple disciplines.She is in some respects my teacher because she has gotten me to change the way I view different photographic subjects.

Frequently when my wife and I go off on assignment together…hey it’s still an assignment even if we assign it to ourselves, we find certain views and look at each other and say, “Oh that’s an image for Susana.” We found a few on our junket through Europe and so here is the first image for Susana.

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For Susanna #1

For Susanna #1

Monet’s Water Garden at Giverny

Outside of vernon France about an hour from Paris is Monet’s house at Giverny. I always had the feeling that Monet was near sighted and too vain to wear glasses which explained his unique style. However, after seeing his house and gardens at Giverny I changed my opinion. I think he painted what he saw. This photo has great depth of field and is in focus, yet it is “soft” in appearance due to the willow trees and other vegetation. You can buy a print of this image at my gallery by clicking here.

The Water Garden at Giverny