Windows on Market Square

A few weeks ago I published The Birdman of Pittsburgh which was taken in the 1970″s. The picture received a few comments and people asked me where that picture was taken in relationship to the current Market Square.

I am not sure but think I was probably standing in what is now part of PPG Place. I believe I was standing off 4th Avenue near Stanwix. The windows and reflections from PPG Place are truly amazing.

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Windows on Market Square


The Birdman of Pittsburgh-Revisited

I have been editing some old images with my new editing tools and in some cases improving the quality. I originally published this in 2012. It is one of a series of images I took of this gent who you would see around Market Square in Pittsburgh. I would take my photography classes form the Ivy School of Professional Art on field trips to Market Square.

Every day he was there feeding the pigeons and some other gents were sitting at a table playing chess. The square had changed a lot but the chess players are still there and so are the pigeons.

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The Bird Man of Market Square

The Birdman of Pittsburgh

We have sold our house and are preparing to move ourselves back home to Pittsburgh. We left Pittsburgh in 1978 and have lived in State College PA, Dallas Texas, Smithtown Long Island,Montclair New Jersey and the Pocono Mountains since then. I took this the year before I left in Market Square. We always called this guy “The Birdman”. I wonder why?

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The Birdman of Pittsburgh

The Birdman of Pittsburgh

The Pigeons of The Cathedral Santa Maria Nascente

In the plaza outside the The Cathedral Santa Maria Nascente in Milan the Pigeons gather just as they do outside other great cathedrals around the world. I wonder if Pigeons are Catholic? I myself have never been one to feed pigeons. I don’t think they need any survival help from me. However photographing this family was fun. I love the different expressions; the thrill of the young girl, the calmness of the father, the trying to be cool teen and the wonder of the boy are all in this single image.

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Pigeons of Milan

Pigeons of Milan

The Pigeons of Duomo di Milano

In the center of Milan is Il Duomo di Milano which is one of the largest cathedrals in Europe. It seems to me that most of the Cathedrals that I have visited are hosts to crowds of people and flocks of pigeons. Milan is no different, beggars will sell you food to feed the pigeons and although I personally don’t feed the birds, there is no shortage of people who seem to find this practice exciting and entertaining. You can buy this and other prints from my European collection by clicking here.

Pigeons of Il Duomo

The Pigeons of Santa Maria Nascente

In the center of Milan is the Cathedral of Santa Maria Nascente also known as the Milan Cathedral and Il Duomo Milano. It seems that outside every major european cathedral you will find a group of pigeon Handlers and peddlers selling corn or pigeon food to tourists. I personally don’t touch pigeons, although I have eaten a couple. I worry about disease and such. In this picture you can see a spectrum of human emotions; fear, excitement,wonder and terror. You can buy a print of this on my commercial gallery by clicking here.

Pigeon People