Pitchers and Catchers

Although Spring is still a month away, the first event of Spring happens next week. Pitchers and catchers will report to all MLB teams by the end of next week and the following week exhibition games begin.

Some people in northern climes look for the arrival of the Robin as the first sign of Spring but not me. Play Ball!

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Pitchers and Catchers

Pitchers and Catchers


Chicago White Sox…Francisco Liriano

Big league pitchers are like Peacocks,each one is a little different. The camera gives you a unique point of view either by freezing the motion like in this shot or blurring motion. The camera sees what the eye can’t because the fastball is moving at about 90 miles an hour it is hard to appreciate the throwing motion. In this shot you can clearly see why Pitchers are on a pitch count. The torque exerted on the body is tremendous and the body requires a lot of healing time between games. This is Francisco Liriano of the Chicago White Sox showing his stuff. You can buy a print of this on my commercial gallery by clicking here.

Francisco Liriano Chicago White Sox Pitcher