Air Force One–Ronald Reagan

Regardless of what you might think of Ronald Reagan, his Presidential Library is really very special. Located in Simi Valley California it commands beautiful views of the valley.

In addition to the historical perspective of Reagan of which I had little interest, it also contained a magnificent Genghis Khan exhibit. Part of the exhibit also has the Air Force One plane used by Reagan which was very interesting and full of surprises.

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Air Force One

Air Force One

Air Force One


Get Out and Vote!

I try never to publish political posts because there is way too much of that on Facebook and other social networks. People who know me know how I feel and of my involvement in previous political campaigns. What really bothers me is when I hear reporters say a good turn out is over 60%. In foreign countries up to 90% of the people get out and vote. There is no excuse not to vote and it is your OBLIGATION! Americans like to complain about every governmental decision which is odd because we don’t live in a direct Democracy, we live in a Representative Republic. We don’t get to vote on each decision, we ONLY get to vote for our representatives.The first time I ever voted for President, I voted for Dick Gregory. Please go vote for somebody. You can see more of my Photojournalistic images by clicking here.

Ted Kennedy and George McGovern in Pittsburgh 1972

The Silly Season

It is now the political silly season in the United States. The Presidential election seems to bring all the insane people out of hiding. It scares me to know that they are always there and really crazier than bat shit. It also seems that there are so many because the rest of us kind of just listen and shake their heads. So it is time to take a stand and show people that you are “Not Insane” by wearing a T-Shirt that says it all. To buy your T-Shirt, click here.

I am Sane and I Vote