San Jacinto Mountains.

I remember first hearing about Palm Springs on the Edwin R. Murrow Television show Person to Person. That show was my first exposure to Murrow. I don’t know which star he was interviewing, maybe it was William Holden, but we were riveted to our ten inch black and white TV like we were every Sunday. I was amazed that they were sitting at a pool in swimwear but it was the winter in Cleveland (freezing,cold,tons of snow) and they were sitting at a pool and looking at the snow on the surrounding mountains.

What a magical place I thought.

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Sunset over Rancho Mirage

The Palm Springs area in southern California is a favorite oasis for people needing some time in the warm desert without giving up the luxuries of an urban environment. There are great restaurants, shopping and other creature comforts coupled with beautiful desert canyons, luxurious swimming pools and 5 star golf courses. Almost every night there are dramatic sunsets and even in the summer, the air is dry and clear. Buy a print of this one and see other images at my commercial gallery.

Sunset over Rancho Mirage

Sunset over Rancho Mirage