Holocaust Stumbling Stones (Stolpersteine ) in Rome

In each city they are called something different. In Munich and Prague they are called Stolperstein. In Rome they are called stumbling stones. You see them in what was the old Jewish ghetto outside the houses in which they lived. Each plaque is detailed with the victim’s first and last name, date of birth, date and place of deportation, and date of death in a Nazi Death Camp. We make sure we visit these sites as we travel.

We visit the synagogue, walk in the streets of the old ghetto and have lunch. The ghettos are quite nice now and in some, Prague and Rome they have Museums and working synagogues and a growing Jewish population. We make sure we visit these sites NOT only because we were raised as Jews but because we live as human beings and must assure that the world does not forget the long history of violence against the Jewish people. We honor the gentle people that were led to slaughter and pray it never happens again.

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Holocaust Stolpersteine

Fourteen Years Ago

Today is a day Americans will never forget. We all remember just where we were and what we were doing on 9/11/2001. The skyline of one of our key cities was attacked and changed forever. Thousands died, heroes were born. It was the first time the mainland of the United States was attacked since 1812 and it scarred our national psyche.

As a people we have become angrier and more scared than ever before. Our journalists and politicians seem to want to keep us afraid and market fear to us every day. When you visit New York today you see a new tower climbing out of the ashes to once again dominate the skyline.

This image is a look back to what the city looked like before the day of terror. It will never look that way again but with the new tower the city looks more complete and who knows what the future will bring. The new skyline is a monument to perseverance and grit and I hope it will help heal us as a country.

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New York City before the Towers Fell