Reading for Godot

Walking through the Sorbonne in Paris at lunchtime, I came across this scene. What else should a young Parisian student be doing at lunch other than reading. You can purchase a print of this image at my commercial site by clicking here.

Closed For Lunch

11 responses to “Reading for Godot

  1. Joli commentaire, je peux vous voir vraiment connaître la photographie. J’aime le cul de l’image et n’a pas encore lu le signe. Vous êtes contrairement à chaque personne, j’ai rencontré en France qui sont allés de leur façon d’être belle pour aller foutre

      • I went to France three times, most all the people I met were nice and helpful and tolerant of my poor understanding of the language. Your comment was arrogant and judgemental, just the way most Americans feel the French people are. I could care less about the sign in the window of the store. I am a photographer, not a writer. If the title of my photograph offended you, I am sorry. Personally, I could not care less. You made an assumption and a statement about all Americans with your comment. I know enough French people to know they are not all assholes like you. If you have something intelligent to say about the image, I will be glad to listen if you have more generalizations to make about Americans because of the title of the picture you can go fuck yourself. In any case, I will continue to travel to France, take photographs and enjoy French hospitality knowing that most French people are not like you. Can’t wait to see what you post on your blog.

      • By the way, the store WAS closed, we went around back to try to get in and it was locked. Look what happens when you make assumptions based on your prejudices. You imply I think French people are lazy, why? I don’t believe in any of the assumptions you make. Many businesses here close for lunch especially on days they are open late. What makes you so sensitive? My wife teaches French and we try to totally adapt to local customs. How could you assume we don’t? Why do you dislike Americans so much? Why are you so judgemental?

      • Because I read so many insults from US people ( probably teens and Fox News lovers but man ! there is a huge amount of them ) . Insults and lies, because nobody seems to feel like checking things in an history book or in an average French movie . False stereotypes repeated by thousands of sheep, accusations that are the exact opposite of reality and so on .
        All that started with Bush-Rumsfeld-Cheney-Rice AND Fox News when the US invaded Irak while lying about Massive Destruction Weapons . As most Americans don’t think by themselves and believe what they are told without any personal will to find out the truth, now the internet is full of agressive bullshit against the French .
        As they say, why this is forbidden against the Blacks or the Jews or the Mexicans and allowed against the French ? Just because the wide majority of the French don’t know about it and there’s no French lobby in America .
        After years of this I’m really angry, and when I saw this article that seemed to strengthen again another stereotype while the signs said the opposite I reacted .
        Maybe you have no real idea of this incredibly dumb bashing, but believe me there’s a lot and very agressive .
        And unfortunately, in towns there are more and more shops and public services which stay open all day, and I see it increasing every year .

        And it’s true, I couldn’t understand at all your answer in French . Ask your wife .

      • So you choose to attack people randomly with your own stereotypes? Are you not also a sheep by judging all Americans by our worst( Fox News)? Should I assume that all Frenchman are like Strauss-Kahn and Gérard Depardieu? People are basically the same everywhere, there are good and bad people in all countries. I sense you are a young person? If that is true then you have time to adjust. Just like our politicians do NOT, we should ask questions first, not make assumptions and make judgements after we understand all the dynamics. If you understood that the store WAS closed and that you were dealing with a person that had affection for French culture you might have commented on the photograph and not assumed that someone was bashing your culture. By the way I am sure the French was nonsense, I don’t have to ask my wife, I used a stupid translator app and it usually spits out garbage. I understand how you feel, there were even restaurants here that stopped called French Fries, French Fries right after the Bush Cheney thing. We of course did not eat in those restaurants. I worked for Agfa for 15 years and my colleagues in Antwerp always insisted that they invented the Pom Frits anyhow. America would not exist if not for the French and you might be speaking German if not for Americans. Politics should not interfere with human relations. Again, I apologize if you think I was trying to denigrate French Culture, nothing could be further from the truth.

  2. OK for you but I don’t judge from stereotypes . Browse the anglophone internet with “French” or “France” and count how many uneducated sheep shit on the French . It’s mad how these lies have spreaded in America .
    I travelled in the States for long, everywhere, but in the end I stayed in the Hopi Reservation in Arizona . After Reagan, a lot of what I loved in the USA disappeared . I’m not that young, you see .

    Coming back to your photo, I read many times complaints about the lazy French who take 10 weeks hollydays ! and close from 12 to 4 ! and I thought you indulged into this false stereotype . But I repeat, the sign says open from 9 to 7 . That means no lunch break . And this door is not used ( entrance is next door ) .
    You must acknowledge these were two reasons for me to think : “This one is too much ! It’s like Bush saying the French don’t even have a word for entrepreneur .”
    Did you take your photo before 9 o’clock, or after 7 pm ? Or was it a labor day ?
    Anyway if any person able to read French sees this photo with your title, they will laugh at you .

    I agree, this lady is charming .

  3. I can understand how you came to your conclusion, I can’t understand why you not ask some simple questions instead of launching into a diatribe. I would hope that if other French people would see this they would ask some questions rather than launching their own stereotypical anger at all Americans. I really don’t care if people laugh, laughter is good medicine. Auf wiedersehen.

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