Pecos National Historic Park

Americans visiting Europe will talk about how much they like exploring the old culture of Europe. Europeans coming to the USA visit New York, Boston, San Francisco and Chicago and talk about how young our culture is. I wonder how many Europeans come to the United States and visit our ancient culture which is the Native American culture of the Southwestern United States. The Pecos National Historic Park in New Mexico is one of these places of ancient American culture that dates back to before the birth of Christ and a true wonder. It is only a short drive from Santa Fe New Mexico and should not be missed if planning a visit to that area. This is a photograph of one of the ancient ruins and you can purchase a print on my commercial gallery by clicking here.

Pecos National Monument

Pecos National Monument

5 responses to “Pecos National Historic Park

  1. hello Richard , i don’t like replying cool and great therefore : This image looks for me as a painting which i like more then a `perfect image` made by digital camera. I keep looking at it , its story still interests me when i do. thx

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