Rock Stacking on Maui

We first came across this spot while driving to Honukua bay to snorkel with the giant Honu or sea turtles. There were literally hundreds of these rock stacks looking over the Pacific ocean. We convinced ourselves that it must be some sort of old Hawaiian religious ritual. We also noticed them on Haleakala and other places on the island. I did some research and they have nothing to do with Hawaii. Apparently people do this all over the world and since then I have noticed them in other places at well. This just proves that all people are creative and the human mind provides endless ways for us to exhibit our creativity. You can see more images from Maui at my commercial gallery by clicking here.

Rock Stacking on Maui

Rock Stacking on Maui


2 responses to “Rock Stacking on Maui

  1. Cairns… they’re all over the world as you’ve said you’ve seen. I have one in my studio. It’s a reminder to me to be aware of what my priorities are… and that the balance of all those things that make up our lives is a precarious one. That’s a lovely photo… Hawaii’s rich color pallet.

    • It’s funny I always thought that Cairns were to mark burial spots which is why I thought they were religious. I didn’t know it applied to any vertical stacking of rocks. Learn something new every day thanks!

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