The Ivy School of Professional Art Reunion

From 1975 through 1978 I was employed by the Ivy School of Professional Art in Pittsburgh PA as a Photographic Instructor. With the help of students and staff we constructed darkrooms and studios. I was fortunate to have some great students who turned out to be successful photographers and illustrators and most of them also turned into great people. Our field trips were legendary. Thanks to social media we have reunited and the Facebook group now has over 170 members. This weekend a lot of them will meet for an annual reunion, which unfortunately I can’t attend.

Some of my students have not survived though like the stunning Becky Richardson who was kind enough to model for the class on one of our field trips to an old barn. Rest in Peace Becky, I am sure you will be well remembered this weekend. You can see other images and purchase prints and apparel at my commercial site. This image is not for sale.

Remembering Becky Richardson

Remembering Becky Richardson

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