Le Canard Confit

I have always been an adventurous eater. When I worked for Konica and visited Japan, I adopted Sushi and Sashimi as it were the food of my culture and became slightly obnoxious about making sure everyone loved it as well. When I worked for Agfa and began to visit Europe regularly I was always careful to order foods that I couldn’t easily get in the United States and one of those was Duck Confit. I always thought it meant Duck leg but not so. It referrers to the method of curing the duck and cooking it in its own fat.

I have found that it is not easy to do correctly and frequently it is greasy. In the USA, I will only order it the best French Restaurants. However in France or the Benelux countries even a small cafe like this one knows how to make it. You can see other images and buy prints or apparel on my commercial site.

Le Canard Confit

Le Canard Confit


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