Modern Art

I have a love/hate relationship with “modern art”. One complaint is a clear definition of what constitutes “Modern Art”. I sure in some University a professor thinks they can clearly explain it and maybe they can, just not to me. When we visited The Pompidou Centre in Paris I was amazed and also put in hysterics by some of the displays.

There was one salon that had a small wall with five pieces on it.There were five ostentatious gold painted frames of different sizes arranged in a standard gallery pattern. Each frame had an oil painting of solid black paint…nothing else solid black, thick old black oil paint. I was laughing so hard I had to exit the salon, tears were streaming down my face. But then there were some amazing works also displayed like those below. The building is incredible and even the elevator is a work of art.

A wonderful Elevator

A wonderful Elevator

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Works from the Pompidou Center

Works from the Pompidou Center

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