Touch Up on Location

There are millions of fans of Zombie Films and thanks to The Walking Dead and other movies the genre is stronger than ever. What is surprising to me is the number of fans that exist for a movie made almost 40 years ago. Not only that but the fans are passionate! I was on the location of Dawn of the Dead as a journalist for two nights and have published many of the better images on my commercial site.

However my Facebook fans keep asking me to publish all of them so I am starting that process even though most of these images have degraded in quality and were not that good to begin with. This is a picture of Jeanie Jefferies the blond beauty that doubled as an extra and make up artist on the film. She is almost as popular as the film itself. Normally I would not have published this because you can’t even see her face but this is history and besides Jeanie looks great even from the side.

To see other images and buy apparel or prints, please visit my commercial gallery.

Jeanie Jefferies

Jeanie Jefferies


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