Run Around the Square–Women’s Winner

For our second full year in Pittsburgh we decided to become more involved in the community and served on the Board of Directors for Run Around The Square. We met a lot of new people and for the first time we helped the race to arrange for a professional race photographer.

After watching the winner cross the finish line, I wondered if they would put up a finish line tape for the first woman to cross the finish line. To this date a woman has never bested a man in marathon or long distance races although each year the gap narrows. As I watched I saw the race crew get ready and watched as he carefully chose the right moment to dart across the course to set the tape for the first woman to finish and provide for her the same moment that the male finisher experienced. The sequence below tells the story.

You can see and purchase thousands of pictures from the race by clicking here.

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Setting the Tape

Setting the Tape

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