The Flecktones at Carnegie Music Hall Homestead

I have seen Béla Fleck perform many times. Arguably the best Bluegrass banjo player of all time. I saw him perform a duet with Bruce Hornsby which was an amazing concert. However when you see him play with the Flecktones you get to to see the jazz and improvisational music of four exceptional musicians. In addition to Béla Fleck, there is Victor Wooten who is one of the top bass players in the world. The group is rounded out by Futureman (Roy Wooten) on drums and Howard Levy on harmonica and keyboards.

Last Wednesday we saw them play at The Carnegie Music Hall of Homestead in the first appearance this year. This was my seventh time seeing them and as always they were amazing and their music mesmerizing. Four days later and I am still humming their tunes. A couple of snaps from the show.

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The Flecktones

The Flecktones

The Flecktones

2 responses to “The Flecktones at Carnegie Music Hall Homestead

  1. Thanks for the pictures. I was there too and really enjoyed the show.

    Just a nit: it would be good to get his name right. It’s “Béla” with an accent on the “e”, but more importantly if you can’t manage getting that character to show up, there is only one “l”.

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