Pittsburgh Flugtag 2017

On Saturday we witnessed our first Flugtag which was held at The Pittsburgh Regatta for the first time. Flugtag means flight time in German.

It is an event event organized by Red Bull in which competitors attempt to fly home-made, human-powered flying machines. They are size-limited to around 133 feet and weight-limited to approximately 330 lb. A team of four pushes the pilot and vessel off a pier and in Pittsburgh over the Allegheny River. Well actually into the river because most of these flying machines rarely fly at all.

The world record for the longest flight is 258 feet. In the Pittsburgh wind yesterday the longest flight was 121 feet. The event raises a lot of money for charities around the world and it is a hoot to watch. Each team does a silly performance before their flight and crafts are designed with the area in mind. Yesterday there was a Pirogi Plane, a Flying Kielbasa and Mr Rodgers themed craft.

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Pittsburgh Flugtag

Pittsburgh Flugtag

Pittsburgh Flugtag

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