Moments and Souls Outtake #2

Along with Dale Schmitt of Pittsburgh, I am pleased to announce our photo exposition at The Percolate Art Space in Pittsburgh. The exhibition runs from November 11,2017 until December 2,2017.

Richard Burke and Dale Schmitt have over 80 years of combined photographic experience. They are both eclectic photographers with broad portfolios of commercial and artistic work. They photograph people but approach that part of their portfolio in completely different ways. Richard is all about capturing the decisive moment and Dale is a creator of portraits that capture the souls of his subjects.

Join us at the gallery to celebrate the human experience!

In order to whet your appetite we will be posting some outtakes. These are images that did not make the final cut for the exhibition but may be part of a book based on the show concept.

To see Richard’s other images and buy apparel or prints, please visit his commercial

High Tide on the Bay of Fundy

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