Walking the Dog in Regent Square

A couple of years ago we got a new dog, the seventh in our life as a couple. We thought it would help us as seniors to make sure we walked every day. Our dog Trey, is a joy but has more energy than any dog I have ever had. Unfortunately as a rescue she is not fully socialized yet to other dogs but improving. so the dog park is out for now.

We found her sweet spot to be between four or five miles a day. Fortunately we live in one of Pittsburgh’s great neighborhoods and we border Frick Park so our walks can be a strenuous or easy as we like. I have started to use my phone to capture images from our morning walks. Took this one today and it made me smile and thought it was worth sharing.

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Planter Bike

2 responses to “Walking the Dog in Regent Square

  1. Just drove past this bicycle the other day and my husband said, hey that’s probably your childhood bike! Funny. Looks nice with the flowers….finally spring!

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