Social Distancing

If you follow this blog you know that it mainly focuses on photography and travel. However, the pandemic of Covid 19 is hard to ignore and I would not be much of a blogger if I did. . I know its hard to think about your life if you are stressed and anxious and when experts tell you to social distance yourself it doesn’t mean you have to hide. Some of us will have to isolate and quarantine ourselves but others can have outdoor activities.

Go for a walk or if you can surf pick up your board and head to the beach. If you can’t surf, don’t do it, the last thing you want to do is injure yourself and wind up in the emergency room. If you are a photographer put away your wide angle lens and get out your telephoto lens. Photograph the spring flowers. Be safe, live your life at a distance for a while and don’t panic. And don’t forget to carry your towel

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Social Distancing

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