Good Bye to The Missing Year of 2020

The worst thing about 2020 was the time lost. I don’t think age matters. If you are old like me you think how many years do I have left. If you are young it is a major part of your like spent in quarantine. Time lost is time lost. It can’t be replaced. 2021 brings us hope. We will hopefully soon be able to travel again, see family, hold events and dine out. I am eager for that return to a normal life.

As the sun rises on a new year, be safe, wear a mask, get vaccinated and hopefully soon we will be set free.

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Caribbean Sunrise

One response to “Good Bye to The Missing Year of 2020

  1. My biggest loss in 2020 is I have had to cancel my once in a lifetime trip to see my grandson and son. I still have the unusable tickets. It will be a miracle if I get to see them this year. I have no more money for overseas travel. I could not find a home because affordable homes outside the city were all bought up. The rest is minor. Here’s hoping we have a better 2021.

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