Improving an Image With Selective Color

I have mostly been using selective color to add emphasis or control eye flow with images that actually stand on their own in full color. Improving a good image.An example would be Girl In The Blue Dress. However it is possible to use the technique to save an image which is not usable in its original form.

I took this picture in Gardin des Tuelleries in Paris France. I love the subject. The guy has been captured in a perfect runner’s motion and is quite interesting and distinctive looking. It is a good moment. However as you can see in the original the surroundings are completely distracting rendering the image not worth of publication even on this blog. I tired just cropping but it still was too “busy” to be considered acceptable. However cropping it to a square and using selective color techniques improved and saved the image creating a successful decisive moment which is always the goal of my photography.

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