Life Finds Away

If you rent a car and drive about 45 minutes south of Cancún you will come to the wonderful little town of Puerto Morales. More on that in the future. Outside of the town off the highway is a hard to find botanical garden Jardin Botanico Dr. Alfredo Barrera Marin It is a fascinating visit and stroll through the Jungle.

It is not an easy hike, the ground is quite uneven in spots and you either have to cross a suspension bridge or hike up a steep hill. Well worth it though. There is allegedly a lot of wildlife but we only saw birds. Of course there were some ruins but also examples of how ancient Mayan’s lived. Inexpensive, uncrowded and very unique. Bring bug spray, it is the Jungle!

All through the park there were examples of species survival as this little tree tries to grow out of a mangrove root.

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Life Finds a Way

Life Finds a Way

Iao’s Needle

Maui is a magic place. We have been there four times and will go back. On our first trip we discovered there was a lot more to the island than snorkeling and the wonderful beaches. Our first time there we discovered Iao Valley Sate Park. We tend to stop there each trip. There are miles of walkways, numerous waterfalls and the jungle covered mountain called Iao’s Needle. Purchase a print of the stream at Iao’s Valley by clicking here.

Iao's Needle Maui Hawaii