Self Portrait at Carneige Museum

I seem to like self portraits were you can’t see my face like the one I use for my avatar where the camera is my face. Last year I posted a new one from Las Vegas.

Last week I took this one at Carnegie Exhibition in Pittsburgh.You can see my face a little but I like how slim it makes me look. Takes me back 40 years.

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Self Portrait at The Carnegie Museum

Alex Da Corte’s Neon Ghost House

One of the most amazing parts of the 57th Carnegie International Exhibition is The Neon Ghost House developed by Alex Da Cortes.The Neon house is amazing enough but inside is a small screening room. Running for over three hours there are 57 videos an homage not only to the anniversary but also to Pittsburgh’s famous 57 varieties.

Some of the videos are short and some longer and the artist performs in all of them. We saw him play Fred Rodgers and a strange version of Bugs Bunny singing Moon River.

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Neon Ghost House

Paris from the Pompidou Center

The Pompidou Center is one of the greatest modern art museums in the world. If you manage to get all the way to the top you will also see one of the great views of Paris. It is worth the ride up the giant escalators listening to the drumscape provided my Mickey Hart just to see the view. Of course the top floor has some great exhibits too. The sculpture and water garden on the roof is invigorating as is the view. You can buy a print of this image and see others on my commercial gallery by clicking here.

Paris from the Pompidou Centre

Paris from the Pompidou Centre