Coming Soon to a Pittsburgh Garden Near You

In some parts of the United States you can’t grow daffodils outside. Bulbs require a period of cold and in warm climates they force them to bloom inside and they can be purchased as annuals. In the northeast though, they begin to poke their heads out of the grown and as Spring arrives pride fresh color reminding us of the circle of life.

I love the change of seasons and each Spring I find fresh hope by watch our city change from the drop of winter to the bright colors of Spring.

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Coming Soon


There is a ancient Greek Myth of how the flower Narcissus got it’s name. Zeus basically punished Narcissus for the way he treated the Nymph Echo. However, at death Narcissus uttered words of love for another and Zeus took pity on him and transformed his body into a white flower that would bloom once again, every spring. This one photographed at The Keukenhoff in Holland. You can see other works of nature and buy prints at my commercial gallery.

Narcissus Paperwhites

Narcissus Paperwhites