Pittsburgh Air: Beautiful but Deadly

When I was a child I was tested for allergies. I was positive for tree pollen, dust, dander, ozone ragweed and mold. I didn’t realize it at the time but it meant I was generally fucked for the rest of my life.

Due to the warming of the planet, every year becomes worse for allergy and asthma sufferers. Recently there was a video of a pollen bomb in South Carolina. Maybe we haven’t had a pollen bomb in Pittsburgh but we certainly have a lot of pollen hand grenades like this one in my neighborhood.

Yesterday The Pittsburgh Post Gazzette published that Pittsburgh once again received an or F from The American Lung Association.
I love the Spring but am happy when the tree pollen is over.

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Pollen Storm

This Picture Makes Me Sneeze

The other day while photographing pansies in our garden, I began to sneeze. Nothing unusual, I have been an allergy sufferer for my whole life. Satisfied I got a good exposure I uploaded the image to my computer and at first I though I must have a dirty sensor or need to clean the back element of my lens. Upon closer examination, I realized there was nothing wrong. Those little yellow spots on on the beautiful red petals are actually little globs of pollen and not an image defect. See more images of flowers and buy prints at my commercial gallery.

Red Pansy

Red Pansy