The Monster of Kennywood 1977

I haven’t been to Kennywood since the late 1970’s. I took some of my students from Ivy School of Professional Art on a field trip there and we all had a great time taking photos. I have always been fond of this picture, the ride is long gone ut it reminds me of simpler times.

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The Monster

Jules Verne Carousel–Orléans France

I loved Jules Verne when I was a kid and discovered Science Fiction through him. There are a number of Carousels throughout France that have the space ship to the moon, the hot air balloon and other objects from Verne’s books. We saw two on our last trip, one in Paris at the Montparnasse Train Station and this one in Orléans France. Buy this image and see others on my European Gallery by clicking here.

Jules Verne Carousel

Jules Verne Carousel