The Monster of Kennywood 1977

I haven’t been to Kennywood since the late 1970’s. I took some of my students from Ivy School of Professional Art on a field trip there and we all had a great time taking photos. I have always been fond of this picture, the ride is long gone ut it reminds me of simpler times.

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The Monster

Modern Mayan Sculpture

For some reason there is a myth that some people believe that Mayans disappeared leaving this great culture they created. Like any indigenous people this is not true and they are still where they have always been.

Sure they have intermarried with other indigenous people and with their Spanish conquerers. However, like northern Native Americans they still live and they have not been cruelly displaced by the Mexican government. They live in the shadows of the temples and edifices they created a thousand years ago,

Like their ancestors, modern Mayans are also artists. This is an example of modern Mayan sculpture you can find at the Mayan Musuem in Cancún.

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The Mayan Museum in Cancún


One of my favorite birds to check in on at The National Aviary is this blue parrot. I call her Polly not knowing if it is male or female. Truly a beautiful animal and I can envision her sitting on Captain Kidd’s shoulder.

This is the first time I managed to obtain a decent image of her. She is crafty and knows how to hide.

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Pennsylvania’s Niagara

Comparing any waterfall to Niagara is probably a mistake. Out of all the waterfalls I have seen, nothing compares to Niagara. However, Bushkill falls in Pennsylvania is still spectacular. It is actually a collection of eight different waterfalls. However, what makes it special is the walkways and steps they have built to offer a variety of hikes through the falls. The entrance and signage are kind of hokey and the attractions they have added for the kids are fairly lame. However the falls are spectacular. This is the main falls at Bushkill.

Main Falls

Surf Banana!

Why is there a banana on top of the lifeguard station? Was it rescued form the surf? It is a good luck symbol? I guess I will never know but baking in the sun like that I am sure it wasn’t anything I would eat! See other images and buy prints at my commercial site.


The Ageless Pier

The Steel Pier has withstood many a challenge over the years including storm after storm that have attempted to destroy it. There are no more “Famous Diving Horses” which have been replaced at one end of the pier by helicopter rides and the Darwin Awards favorite, “The Slingshot” but the pier lives on and seems almost ageless. No matter your age, if you are in Atlantic City you gotta check out the pier! You can see other images and buy prints at my commercial gallery.

The Ageless Steel Pier

The Ageless Steel Pier

San Antonio River Walk

San Antonio has a unique attraction that you wouldn’t expect to find in a Texas city. Let’s face it, most rivers in Texas don’t have a lot of water. I lived in Dallas for three years and never saw water in the Trinity river. However San Antonio is different and through the center of the city runs the San Antonio river and the San Antonio River Walk is a public park complete with Gondola tours, water taxis and scenic restaurants and shops along the banks. Not to be missed if you are there on business or pleasure. See this image and others in my book, A Hundred Places I Went to Before I died.

San Antonio River Walk

San Antonio River Walk